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Wasteland 2 makes a social blunder

Brian Fargo and the RPG community just teamed up to kickstart 1.5 Million dollars for  Wasteland 2, an old-school postapocalyptic RPG. It was the perfect date, until Brian started getting a little too friendly: “At 2 million we will increase the staff … Continue reading

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Human Revolution taught me something

RPG’s are no strangers to moral choice. Would you abort a puppy, or kill its mum? These are important issues for the educated super-soldier to consider, and they’re given the respectful treatment they deserve: thrown at you in-between killing aliens, … Continue reading

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Rest in peace Heroes Radio, wherever you are.

Well, as usual, I’m going to talk about something nobody has heard of. Sorry, that was incredibly arrogant of me. Whatever. STALKER is probably one of my favourite games, as you should now be well aware of, and I’m here … Continue reading

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The Machination is now website-equipped

It’s been a long week slaving over a hot computer in the thick of the school term, but I’ve managed to find the time to do something I’ve intended to do for a long time, publish my own website. Obviously … Continue reading

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News on Machinarium

I’ve just started playing a charming little adventure game called Machinarium by Czech developer Amanita Design , and I intend to write up a collaborative review on this when a friend of mine and myself can make time to complete … Continue reading

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Modern Warfare 2 on the PC postponed

The release of modern Warfare 2 has been delayed for the PC, and as can be assumed this contentious issue has been met with much vitriol from the PC gaming crowd. Now from what I can see, one of three … Continue reading

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