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Systems in Snake Eater

I played Metal Gear Solid 3 for the first time last week, and I was shocked to discover that the interactive cutscene I’ve heard so much about has secretly been an Immersive Sim this whole time. Snake Eater mashes the … Continue reading

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Game stories should be made with exactly the same principles we use for gameplay. That is: “Easy to learn, hard to master”. First, you want an instant hook that can be explained in as few words as possible. “Save your … Continue reading

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Rotten Pulp

I’ve started my own personal blog, Rotten Pulp. I’m going to use it to post various mind-dribbling’s related to the ever-amazing field of table-top RPG’s. Join me, and I’ll show you sights like this.

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Dungeon Crawl Classics for noobs

Dungeon Crawl Classics is like D&D’s weird cousin with monkey skulls in his closet. Tomorrow I’m going to run it for some people who’ve never played a tabletop RPG before, having run nothing but a few sessions of Call of … Continue reading

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Would you like a random Orient Express Murder Mystery table?

Well, here’s one anyway. Roll up identities, secret identities and goals for about 6 passengers, then put them in a list and give each a relationship with the passenger below them. Finally, roll to see which one is killed 1D4 … Continue reading

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No, listen, I can totally do this

4 days into the Cthulhu sandbox expedition. Morale and Cheetos are running low. I’ve hit a second snag; Call of Cthulhu’s level up system.┬áSpecifically, there isn’t one. If you do particularly well at some skill in Call of Cthulhu, the … Continue reading

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What, with your bare hands?

The following was originally for an assignment, and so could get a bit dry. Moist hand-towels will be available upon completion. Interactive narration is a classic storytelling technique for games, used to lend context and meaning to space that the … Continue reading

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Somewhere but not here

My dearest internet, I think I owe you an explanation. Although you may enjoy Jack’s well structured arguments, and biting witticisms. And my words. We are kind of on hiatus. This is until we get the chance to stop writing … Continue reading

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How are you?

God, how are you? How have you been? It’s been so long I’d almost forgotten your face. I’m fine, myself. You know. I’ve just been thinking about games, just like always. On my desktop, there’s a single .txt file called … Continue reading

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The Australian Dollar is now above the US

As of today, 1 Australian dollar = 1.0144 U.S. dollars. So, any chance everyone could stop charging us over twice as much for games now? …No? P-Pretty please?

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