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You are not welcome here

A house sits plump and in decay on the edge of town; empty, save for the aura is casts over anyone who glimpses its weathered facade and black, empty windows. What is simply an abandoned structure, cast away from the … Continue reading

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If these walls could talk

I’d have to say that my favourite narrative, if not favourite game of all time is Half Life 2. There I said it. I named, irrevocably, my favourite game of all time without so much as an act of prosaic … Continue reading

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What have indie games become?

Six months ago I had a plan. I felt confident, and I felt enraptured in the world of indie games, and after many unsuccessful attempts I felt just a little bit pissed off. But it was an idea. At the … Continue reading

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A new blog?

Thrilling. And you can read it right here http://shortformfoundry.wordpress.com/ The idea is that I come up with a lot of ideas for games, and I want to see what happens when I give them some fresh air. So this is … Continue reading

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Irony in 10 seconds.

Consider this a mysterious preface for things to come. Y’know, when I’m not burning alive at the stake of education. Passage In 10 Seconds

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The Ultimatum

Last week I blithely wrote about moral scenarios in games until archfiend Veret promptly SHUT. ME. DOWN. And he was right, you know. I was arguing that moral choice is always too game-y because they never really get you to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on moral choice

Today I wrote a short story that followed the reflection of a wretched individual who believed he could bring about the rise of a utopia by killing everyone, describing that humans got a great view of perfection from the point … Continue reading

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Rest in peace Heroes Radio, wherever you are.

Well, as usual, I’m going to talk about something nobody has heard of. Sorry, that was incredibly arrogant of me. Whatever. STALKER is probably one of my favourite games, as you should now be well aware of, and I’m here … Continue reading

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Teaching you how to play

Throwing praise at Valve is a bit like pissing in an ocean. You’re going to be surrounded by people who can piss much harder than you and who have been doing it for much longer, but ultimately, you’re going to … Continue reading

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It’s late, I’ve got a cold, and it has been a long, liver-rending weekend, but regardless I feel as if I should impart a piece of wisdom into the wilds of the internet instead of writing nothing at all. Earlier … Continue reading

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