The smooth sounds of SPACE

Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.

Horror clouded my weary gaze as diplomatic allegiances shifted like plates beneath a thousand stampeding space-oxen; ships lumbering toward the unknown – mere victims of my hollow trust – allies turned rampaging foe. Semi colon, dash, frustrating grammar. This was my first day in space.

Neptune’s Pride is all about deciding who is the most harmless liar. Forget base building, resource management and clattering of poorly animated sword against poorly animated sword, Neptune’s Pride is all about the people you play with. I was promised from the outset that this game would invade every facet of my thought, occupying my most personal hours with worry. Who is sharpening their back stabbin’ knife, who is moving into your territory, who is interested in helping you. Hah.

Over the proceeding weeks, myself and a handful of blogger chums, and chums of blogger chums will be pitted against one another in a merciless battle of diplomacy and forethought. Once the dust has settled we will document our mad adventures in a big fancy journal; making no effort to plagiarise Rock Paper Shotgun in any way. At all.

May the best space-bastard win.

– Miles

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7 Responses to The smooth sounds of SPACE

  1. Eh, what game is this?

    Hah! I’m afraid to say despite not having time, Neptune’s Pride has invaded most of my waking thoughts already. We’re only 2 days in. Egad. Let’s hurry up and finish already.

  2. Miles Newton says:

    It really is a merciless beast. I was adament that it wouldn’t get in my head… invade my every thought. But I am its prisoner. LET’S FINISH THIS DAMN GAME ALREADY AAAAAAA.

  3. Veret says:

    You just wait until everybody has expanded enough to start butting heads with everybody else. I expect that should start happening right about…oh, hey. Now.

  4. Veret: I doubt you’ll butting heads with anybody for some time, sir.

  5. Miles Newton says:

    In his confortable little corner of space. If you guys had any idea who I am, and you probably do by now – well, you’d have half an idea of why I’m so terrified.

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