Rotten Pulp

Rotten Pulp

I’ve started my own personal blog, Rotten Pulp. I’m going to use it to post various mind-dribbling’s related to the ever-amazing field of table-top RPG’s. Join me, and I’ll show you sights like this.

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About Jack McNamee

In the third year of a game design course in Queensland, Australia. Thinking a whole lot about games. Scrabbling desperately against the oncoming future.
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2 Responses to Rotten Pulp

  1. amutantbiker says:

    A PSA: your link to Rotten Pulp is malformed :)

    Looking forward to your ruminations on tabletop RPGs.

  2. Jack McNamee says:

    @amutantbiker – How embarrassing! Should be fixed now.

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