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Ode to the Witching Hour

It’s late, and everyone’s off the street except a few derelicts and weirdos like you. All is quiet. The moon looms low and massive over the landscape. That’s the Witching Hour. I’ve been in love with solitary night scenes ever … Continue reading

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Analogue: A Hate Story

Analogue: A Hate Story is another terribly-named visual novel from renowned internet word-lady Christine Love. Coming as a sequel to her début hit Digital, it’s also another tragic, clever love story that understands how games work. It starts out slow. Sent to investigate … Continue reading

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Katawa Shoujo eats your heart out

I’m blogging, and something beautiful is happening at 4Chan. Rare. Katawa Shoujo was released ten days ago. It’s a choose-your-own adventure game where your main task is to decide which of five disabled girls you want to have sex with. … Continue reading

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A Rapture Reminder

Well, now that every form of artistic expression known to man has been lifted up to heaven in a wondrous cataclysm of celestial fire, games have got some big shoes to fill. For a start, we’ll have to stand in … Continue reading

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A topical update

…To distract from the current lack of topical updates. As shall be detailed in the next installment of me getting around to writing an article, I have been working on a mod. You can follow it here The Machination’s ModDB-type-thing … Continue reading

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Hard, for lack of a better word, is good.

No mortal is immune to the brief, blinding moment where our seemingly invincible character topples to its knees and all you want to do is see how well your computer can fly. A mighty bronze colossus that once gracefully strode … Continue reading

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The Need For Connection

I want to hug her, but there’s a shotgun in the way.

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IMMERSION: Dissolving the screen.

Immersion, immersion, immersion. Ever since Half Life it’s been one of the biggest buzzwords the industry can muster- bigger than even “User Created Content”, or “Casual Audience”. It’s what all the kids were raving about, back in the day, and … Continue reading

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NPC’s I have loved: Miguel.

Today’s the start of a brand new feature: NPC’s I HAVE LOVED, featuring those loveable oafs that are too often thrust out of the limelight. Today, in honour of Deus Ex week, I’m beginning with an NPC very close to … Continue reading

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Analogy Hour: Why I like Stealth Games.

I like stealth games for one reason: Controlled excitement. The key word: Controlled. Sure, we all love the moment in any good action game when the killblitz kicks into megadrive and your flaming car engine rockets off the top of … Continue reading

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