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What Dark Souls does right

It seems like modern game design has an unwritten rule: Don’t make the player worry about anything unimportant. If the jumping puzzles aren’t important, there’ll be invisible walls around every chasm. Normal enemies usually aren’t a challenge, so that you only have to … Continue reading

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What Sword & Sworcery does right

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is a beautiful, meditative game that can’t shut up about how beautiful and meditative it is. What it does right, though, is economy. In the first episode you go down into the depths of a … Continue reading

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Desu Desu Desu, or how I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Yoshitaka Amano.

When the majority of brooding gamers are spending most of their time complaining that they “Can’t hold dem feels” and absurdly worship posters of their new waifu, you tend to forget there are more important things to devote the eye … Continue reading

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Invisible Embrace.

When one man dies it’s a tragedy, when a million men die it is a statistic. When a million grizzled and scarred veterans from the gloomy bowels of the internet dive into a downwards spiral of emotions it should shake … Continue reading

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The Personal Narrative

I was wandering through a narrow stretch of path on the outskirts of the suburb where I live, wondering what constituted my human experience. Not long ago, a good friend of mine raised the question of how we think, and … Continue reading

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Narrative – the inorganic experience

Like a dog wandering amidst the plains and trenches of sleep, there has been something kicking away in the coils of my mind for a very long time. Well, at least since last year. Last year I began embarking on … Continue reading

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A topical update

…To distract from the current lack of topical updates. As shall be detailed in the next installment of me getting around to writing an article, I have been working on a mod. You can follow it here The Machination’s ModDB-type-thing … Continue reading

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Scenic World

The very idea of something being made just for us is more than enough to send the ego sprawled so deep within its leather-bound chair that it would take the force of a thousand suns to do as much as … Continue reading

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Hard, for lack of a better word, is good.

No mortal is immune to the brief, blinding moment where our seemingly invincible character topples to its knees and all you want to do is see how well your computer can fly. A mighty bronze colossus that once gracefully strode … Continue reading

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When should plot justify gameplay?

A little advertisement in a PC Powerplay magazine roused my attention. An outstretched arm donning an exotic device; a grand sea liner at the mercy of this contraption as it is forced through a chronological blender as a mysterious figure, … Continue reading

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