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Narrative – the inorganic experience

Like a dog wandering amidst the plains and trenches of sleep, there has been something kicking away in the coils of my mind for a very long time. Well, at least since last year. Last year I began embarking on … Continue reading

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If these walls could talk

I’d have to say that my favourite narrative, if not favourite game of all time is Half Life 2. There I said it. I named, irrevocably, my favourite game of all time without so much as an act of prosaic … Continue reading

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Hard, for lack of a better word, is good.

No mortal is immune to the brief, blinding moment where our seemingly invincible character topples to its knees and all you want to do is see how well your computer can fly. A mighty bronze colossus that once gracefully strode … Continue reading

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When should plot justify gameplay?

A little advertisement in a PC Powerplay magazine roused my attention. An outstretched arm donning an exotic device; a grand sea liner at the mercy of this contraption as it is forced through a chronological blender as a mysterious figure, … Continue reading

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A new blog?

Thrilling. And you can read it right here http://shortformfoundry.wordpress.com/ The idea is that I come up with a lot of ideas for games, and I want to see what happens when I give them some fresh air. So this is … Continue reading

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Teaching you how to play

Throwing praise at Valve is a bit like pissing in an ocean. You’re going to be surrounded by people who can piss much harder than you and who have been doing it for much longer, but ultimately, you’re going to … Continue reading

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Not all adventure games grow up to be pirates

I’m a horrible, horrible person. Almost five months ago I completed that dashing little indie adventure game Machinarium by Czech wizard and sometimes game designer Jakub Dvorsky and I, in my audacity, promised some kind of transcendental writeup about the … Continue reading

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What makes a good hero in five minutes

I’ve been playing a mixed bag of titles over the last 4 or so months and each and every one of them has had their own concept of what should make a rollicking good hero. The usual fare stretches from … Continue reading

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The Aesthetic of Movement

Shadow of the Colossus is a game that excelled in its simplicity. Only last week did I finally complete the game, and I could say that I never expected the experience that it provided and the knowledge that it imparted … Continue reading

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One Year's Introspection

One year ago today I began this blog because of my love of games. I’ve often wondered why some people, myself included see games from radically different positions than other seemingly like-minded people. Games, externally, are pretty misleading – someone … Continue reading

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